Seed storage

Before I get too excited about deciding which seeds to order with my Territorial Seed Co. gift certificate, I need to look at what seeds I already have. So I decided to pull out my seeds to see what’s there today.

I don’t do anything special to store my seeds. I live in a dry climate and I’ve got a cool-ish utility room in the basement. Here is what my seeds look like straight off the shelf in my basement utility room where they sit year round. (Fancy, I know!)

Let’s take a closer look and peel back some layers…

Those silvery things are some of those thin emergency blankets people put in their emergency survival kits. They are about $1 each, and I’ve got 2 of them. I throw these over my grow lights to help keep in some warmth and to reflect more light onto my seedlings when they are under the grow lights in the basement. I really feel like this has made enough of a difference that its definitely worth the $2 investment and the small inconvenience of time it takes to flip it on and off.

There’s 2 bottles of Neptune’s harvest organic fertilizer I got on clearance a while back. I dilute this and use it on my seeds a few times while they are under the grow lights. (I wish I had bought more!)

Those little manila envelopes are from the local nursery where I buy my seeds in bulk. Last summer I got smart enough to start writing the year they were purchased, so I can keep track of their age. There are also some commercial seed packets you can buy pretty much anywhere, and then some other random stuff shoved in this white tub. My seeds are loosely grouped together by vegetable type-tomatoes, peppers, etc., in there, but I really haven’t spent much effort organizing these and I could be doing better here.

That yellow handled paintbrush was used last year to pollinate some of my peppers that were flowering while still under the grow lights. I actually had a couple peppers growing on the plants before I transplanted them outside

The tongue depressors are left over from my first year starting seeds where I broke them in half and used them as labels. That was a mistake because they soaked up a ton of water and it was hard to read the writing. Now I just use plain office labels, whatever I can find cheapest, and I write as small as I can and cut them as small as I can to stretch out their use. I probably use 50 cents worth of labels a year. I write on them with a ball point pen and stick them to the side of the plastic container.

Let’s see….what else is there… Ahhh, yes. The pantyhose.

My aunt graciously gave me some of her holey pantyhose so that I could use it to make ties to help stake my plants, but its been 4 years and I have yet to actually use it, because I keep forgetting it’s in here.

Last, but not least, I wanted to show of this cute little pot that was tucked in all that mess:

This little beauty was abandoned and in danger of being smashed, but I rescued it. I love this type of painting on pottery, though I usually see it in blue. I visited a studio in Puebla, Mexico once where they were hand painting these, and it was fascinating. I’m not sure if this is really old and faded, or if it was done in green on purpose. I really should find a better way to use it where I will see it and appreciate it more often. But for now its safe here holding my seeds for me.

And that’s how I store my seeds.

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