Christmas sewing recap

I know we’re well past Christmas now, but I  thought I would start my first post about sewing by showing off some of the projects I completed during December. I am most proud that I was able to finish up 2 projects that had been lingering for a couple years.

First, I was able to finish this Christmas throw quilt:

It’s about 60 x 75 inches (I forgot to measure it while I had it out to photograph it).

I bought the fabric on clearance after Christmas back in January of 2007. The pattern is a variation of the classic rail fence, with 5 strips per block. I quilted it with an overall squiggly meander.  Looking at it now, I would have liked to have more of a variety of fabrics in this quilt. I really like things to be scrappy. Its probably not obvious looking at the picture, but there’s a lot of repeated fabrics in different colorways. But I am soooo glad its done now. Someday I would like a closet of quilts for every season holiday, so I have a constant rotation to enjoy year round.

I also finished my son’s stocking last December. I started making it back in 2007.  I made it in the same style as mine when I was a kid, but this one I designed myself instead of using a kit. (I put a scrap of fabric over my son’s name, which is sewn on with thin gold cording.)

Its made of craft felt from JoAnns, with beads and sequins for embellishment. The little deer, bunny, and birds came from an ornament kit I had been given but never used, but other than that, its my creation. My son loves it. He loves to run his hand over it and touch all of the sparkly things, just how I remember doing when I was a kid.

It really is satisfying to finish off some of these projects that have been lingering on my sewing shelf. Next fall I am looking forward to starting some new Christmas sewing projects. I know I could use more ornaments, maybe some garland, more cloth gift bags…..

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