Sewing room confessional

I’ve got a problem. A pretty huge problem, one that often causes stress in my household:

My sewing room is constantly a total disaster area. And its all my fault.

I’m a fabric hoarder. I can go through pretty much any other nook or cranny in my house and have no problem purging items and getting rid of clutter. But when it comes to my sewing stuff, I hit a roadblock. I love, love, love my fabric. I can’t bear to let it go. I can imagine a million different great things to do with each little piece. And I save every little scrap, because I do not want to waste anything.

But the reality is that my sewing workspace has outgrown its digs. I can no longer keep my stuff contained enough to work in here. I am an expert at packing and organizing things into containers and on shelves and under beds, but I’ve reached the limit in this room.

Whenever I go to work on something, I face this:

and this:

It’s terrible that I have this wonderful room just for me (well, and the occasional guest), with lots of good light and nice calm blue walls, but I can barely get in there. And my little ones try to play in there while I work, which is totally dangerous. I don’t feel good working in there anymore. I’ve even been cutting fabric upstairs on the kitchen table lately.

So I have been thinking a lot about what I want in this space, what changes I want to make. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • I need to get the amount of “stuff’ I have in this room reduced by about 1/3, so that there is space in between things, and even an empty shelf or two.
  • I need to get some pictures/decorations hung on the bare walls and a proper curtain for the window for when we do have guests stay in there.
  • I need to make this space safe for my children to be in.
  • I want to feel calm and relaxed when I walk in this room, not stressed and scared that I might trip and fall and it will be days before anyone finds me.

But how am I ever going to be able to part with my precious, precious fabric?

I’m going to select a few things to go on the “chopping block” each month. If I can’t figure out how to use it within that month, then I need to find it a new home. I’ll start at the beginning of February and hopefully I can build up some momentum over the next several months. I’ll post lots of updates as I work through my room so you can see how I’m doing.

And if I can stick with it, and get this room whipped into shape, then I will reward myself with 2 things: 1) Some shelves to display my pretty/inspirational stuff and 2) a new sewing table that will be more comfortable and fit the space better.

Please follow along and help me stay motivated! Post links to your own decluttering/organizing projects in the comments section.

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