Sewing room progress

I cleaned out another part of the closet in the sewing room on Sunday. I attacked the little white shelves under the black drawer unit. (The bottom right corner of the “before” picture below)

This is where I keep books, patterns, inspiration, construction paper, sketch books, and watercolor paper. I recycled a 3 inch stack of paper, took out a 4 inch stack of various things to give away (books, patterns, template plastic, etc), and redistributed a few things to other parts of my house that didn’t really belong there. I’m still debating about whether or not to put all of my sewing books in this room, or to put them all on the main bookshelves. They are sort of half and half right now.

The end result: More space!

I don’t know if this little white shelving unit will have a permanent home here after I finish this project. I’m not going to worry about exactly how I want to organize everything until after I finish the purge, because I’m not sure what I will have left and how I will want to store it yet. I’ve read a lot of organizing advice over the years, and they always tell you to purge first before you look for containers to house the stuff you want to keep. I am making a stack of empty containers as I go along, so at least hopefully I can reuse stuff I already have as much as possible before going and buying anything.

Little by little I am chipping away and making progress…

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