Time to start seeds: The grow light stand

I am putting up the seed starting table/ grow light stand (or whatever you want to call it) today.

I got the inspiration for our grow stand from Paul Gardener at A Posse Ad Esse. He detailed his own grow stand here. My husband and I were wanting to build one when I saw his post, so we copied his idea, using the materials we already had on hand. We sent him photos and he posted about our grow stand in this post on his blog.

I really like that it is easy to assemble/disassemble this grow stand for storage. If I left this up all year long, it would be covered with junk in no time, plus it would crowd my utility room. I store it in the off-season next to my furnace so its out of the way.

Here are the parts:

Its a little tricky to do the assembly by yourself, but its not impossible. Two people make it go much quicker. We added some numbers on the shelves and corresponding posts to make things easier:

We had to buy very little to make this grow stand-mostly just the hardware and 2 of the shop lights. The other shop lights we got for free from various sources. The wood was recycled leftovers from other projects.

The finished stand (without lights):

I’ll add the lights when I get my first seed planted. There are cup hooks on the undersides of the shelves to hang 2 four foot shop lights on for each shelf. The light bulbs are just regular bulbs, not special grow bulbs. I try to put 1 “cool” and 1 “warm” light in each light fixture. I don’t replace the bulbs every year, only as they burn out or look dim. Sometimes you can just tell that the plants aren’t happy under one of them and then you know its time to replace it.

I’ll be starting some lettuce, spinach, and basil for sure this week, because I have those seeds on hand already.

What does your seed starting setup look like? Have you started any seeds yet? Please share in the comments section.



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