I found enough time yesterday and today to complete one project that used up some fabric from my stash. I put together this quick little blanket for the stroller/bike trailer.

I had gotten the fleece ages ago, and the flannel was given to me by a friend and they turned out to match perfectly.

To construct this blanket, I merely cut out 2 rectangles and sewed them up like I was making a pillow, with wrong sides together, leaving a small hole. I pulled the fabric out through the hole, then I hand stitched the hole closed. I sewed around the edge of the blanket to encase the seams and make a nice edge to hold the 2 pieces together. Then I did a few little hand stitches about every foot or so across the blanket, just to hold the 2 layers together and to keep them from bunching up funny in the wash. The finished blanket is 41 by 54 inches in size.

Another small dent made in my sewing room stash! Yay!

Have a great weekend!

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