Sewing room progress

I am still chipping away at piles of stuff in the sewing room/guest bedroom. Quite a bit of stuff is missing from the closet already.

This is what I started with:

And this is what it looks like currently:

You can see the back wall of the closet, and the doors can open all the way. This might look pretty good so far, but actually a lot of this stuff is sitting out in the hallway. There’s a pile of things to go to my mom’s, a pile of stuff to try to sell, and a pile to give away/freecycle. I am avoiding acting on these piles with the excuse that I’d like to finish going through the whole room first, so I don’t have to make multiple trips to the thrift store, etc. But really I am just waffling on committing to get rid of these things.

My biggest success by far has been purging paper. I took a medium sized moving box of old school papers and reduced it to 2 file folders. I went through 3 large plastic storage bins of “memories” (old school paper, art projects, pictures, ephemera from my past) and whittled it down to two (but two VERY full bins). While I was at it, I got most of it organized by year, so I can find stuff much easier in there now. I have recycled over a one foot thick stack of paper so far.

So I am admittedly avoiding the hardest part of this project, which is facing the fabric. There’s not much left to do in the room now but to pull out fabric and figure out how to “use it or lose it.” I’m hoping “use it” wins.

Posting pictures here and showing the process is really helping me work through this project. Please stay tuned for more exciting stall tactics as I continue to attempt to reduce the contents of my sewing room by at least 1/3….

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  1. Jana says:

    Want to come over and organize my closets? :)
    (actually there’s almost nothing in my closets these days, but I’d love to have an excuse to have you at my house!)

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