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While I was waiting impatiently for spring to come this weekend, I spent Saturday morning in the sun, walking around my yard and dreaming about what it will look like this summer. I wore my youngest on me and tromped around the soggy sod while my husband took my son for a bike ride. I let the chickens out of the run to let them run and explore. Instead they found a semi-dry patch of dirt and settled down for a dust bath and a nap.

Chickens taking a snooze

I looked at my fruit trees, noting how much taller they’ve gotten since last summer. I looked at the section of raised bed where I planted my garlic. Its still covered with leaves, but I couldn’t find any green shoots coming up yet. I poked at the compost pile with a fork, and it was frozen in chunks around the edges.

garlic bed with a piece of trellis on top to keep the leaf mulch from blowing away

I cleaned out the inside of the chicken coop. I did a little sweeping up around the front yard. It felt so good to be in the sun.

How foolish I was to think I could really get started on the garden already.

We woke up to 3-4 inches of snow Sunday morning.

So I got out paper and pencil and spent some time sketching a general layout of what crops I will plant in which beds this year. I’ve got many factors to consider such as sun exposure, watering systems, and crop rotation. True 4-year crop rotation is hard for me because the things I grow the most of (tomatoes, peppers, tomatoes) are things that shouldn’t be planted in the same spot year to year, but I don’t have a lot of choice. I try to make up for this by using lots of compost and rotating as much as is possible with my limited space.

I’ll be doing several posts soon about the layout of my garden beds and my garden design, both for this upcoming summer and for how I’ve done it in the past.

Were you able to get out into the garden this weekend?


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