All my eggs in one basket

A quick sewing project which helps use up something that would normally be thrown away. Its an egg gathering bag sewn from a leftover chicken feed sack.

My husband has learned on more than one occasion that your pocket is not a good place for that extra egg that you can’t manage to balance in your hand as you try to open the back door. I have had my share of spills when I am trying to carry too many things from the coop to the house while balancing eggs. We have been needing one of these for a long time. Plus my son can carry it easily and be my helper to gather the eggs now.

Since I hate to see perfectly useful materials go to waste, I made the egg bag out of a chicken feed sack.. The feed sacks are made out of a sturdy woven plastic that will be easy to rinse out when it gets dirty. It was also on my list of “use it or lose it” this month for my sewing room cleanup.

I tried sewing with it this weekend and it was pretty easy. I used a denim needle and plain white cotton thread. It is slippery when you are sewing the right sides together, and it is much stiffer than regular fabric, so adding things like handles takes a lot of patient manipulation.

My son immediately loved the egg bag, so I made another one, and I also tried making a larger carry-all, to see how the fabric would hold up.

I like how these turned out. They feel sturdy yet lightweight. Next time I will try to cut the pieces so that I can see the full picture of the chicken on the side of the bag. I didn’t want to be that fussy the first time around before I knew if I even liked sewing with it.

I will definitely save these feed bags from going into the trash in the future. If nothing else, I can make some good grocery shopping bags to give away as gifts. I might also try to sew two layers together and make a sturdy double walled bucket-bag. It could be used to store things neatly in the garage. Can you think of any other useful things I could re-purpose my feed sacks into?

Have you found a clever way to reuse something that would normally get thrown out? Please share in the comments…

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