February recap: the sewing room project

I feel good about the work I’ve gotten done so far in the sewing room. But I also openly admit that I have done the easiest parts first (meaning whatever I could find to do without actually attacking my fabric stash).

So far I have:

  • recycled a huge amount of paper (mostly old school papers)
  • sold several pieces of baby gear I no longer need
  • taken a large bag of things to my mom’s house that are hers
  • sorted through everything in my closet and under the guest bed
  • sewn a blanket for the stroller/bike trailer with fabric that was stashed in the closet
  • sewn bags out of an old chicken feed sack that I was saving

On my list for March:

  • sell a few pieces of nicer clothing that we no longer wear
  • sell 2 huge sacks of baby clothes
  • take a couple of bags of things to donate
  • sew a dress-up cape I cut out before Christmas
  • finish up a pillow of my father’s and grandfather’s ties
  • sell my rug hooking supplies

If I follow through on the donations/selling of items, then I will have easily reached my goal of reducing the contents of the closet by 1/3, but the rest of the room is mostly fabric in bins, so I will have to get stitchin’  if I expect to make any progress there.

I think I can… I think I can… I think I can… I think I can… (we’ve been reading The Little Engine That Could a lot around here lately).

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