Garden notes

I had many intentions for the garden this weekend, but then this wonderful weather came and I got distracted. So the to-do list had to wait a little bit longer while I enjoyed this first real glimpse of spring.

This weekend was beautiful and sunny. It felt like 60 degrees in the full sun, even though it was probably only in the 50’s. We spent a lot of time outdoors walking, riding bikes, going to parks, visiting with friends, playing with chickens, and just enjoying soaking up as much sunlight as possible.

On Sunday while my son slept and I was wearing the baby on me, I picked up the rake and my new gardening gloves (I buy one new pair a year, and by the end of the gardening season they are falling apart) and started raking the lawn. The grass gets this matted down look after the snow melts, with leaves stuck all over it. This year it seems worse, because the first big snow fell before we got all of our leaves raked up and shredded. I was able to rake about one tenth of the lawn so far. Its a slow process, but at least its one that I can easily do while wearing my baby or while my son plays with the chickens. Its makes the yard look 100 times better, and all the loose grass and leaves I rake up gets added into the compost pile.

The compost pile is another ongoing project I am working on when I get a few minutes (but its much messier so I usually have to wait until both children are napping). The compost has been neglected since last fall so I am working on getting all the various piles  layered into one big heap. Along the way I am also cleaning out chicken poop from inside the coop and scraping it up off the bottom of the chicken run and laying that in there as well. I turned the water on to the backyard today so I can keep the pile nice and moist. (Hopefully I can keep the water on outside from now on.) This should get the pile cooking and get us some usable compost for this spring (Although I know I will have to also buy some this year, because I still am not producing enough to amend all of my raised beds as much as I would like).

beware all ye who dwell near this compost pile
work in progress
adding the muck scraped up from the chicken run to the pile


an almost finished pile

Were you working in the garden at all this weekend, or playing in the sun instead?



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