Storing carrots (again)

I know I just posted about this last week, but I’ve got some more to share about carrot storage.

The warmer weather we’ve been having means that my carrots are not being stored cold enough to keep them for long. So I dug through my buckets of carrots to see what was left that I could transfer into the fridge.

The first bucket has shredded newspaper, as I talked about in my post last week. This is what was left in there:


carrots stored in a bucket layered with newspaper

The second bucket used pea gravel to store layers of carrots.

carrots stored in a bucket of pea gravel

These are all getting rinsed off and will be stored in the fridge until they are eaten.

The newspaper was much easier to deal with and much lighter to carry. The carrots in the pea gravel also appear to have more hairy roots growing on them. When I go to store carrots this fall, I will use the newspaper method.

Next I have to work on the onions, garlic, and potatoes that are in the garage. Most of the onions look really good still.  A lot of the garlic is starting to sprout, but is still usable. The potatoes are feeling soft, but haven’t started to sprout yet. I sent my mom home with a big bag of each yesterday, but we still have a lot of french fries and onion soup to eat around here in the next few weeks.

Is the early spring warm weather causing you any problems with your food storage?

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