Works in progress

I’ve been busy with two separate projects this month, so my progress in cleaning out my sewing room has been pretty slow.

The first is a baby blanket, a gift for a former foreign exchange student who just had her first baby. I am working on this with my mother. Mostly she keeps the kids occupied while I cut and sew, which I think is a good arrangement for us. I am probably not the easiest person to sew with. I am known to be pretty nitpicky and I have made her unpick and resew when we’ve worked on quilts together before. We are almost done with one side so far:

I did add in a few fabrics from my personal stash for the stacked coins, but the “dent” it made in reducing my yardage overall was miniscule.

The second project that has occupied my time this month is knitting. I haven’t knitted in about 15 years. My mother has patiently been re-teaching me. (Thanks, Mom!) My first finished work has been cotton washcloths, which I needed for the kitchen. So far I find knitting relaxing, but I get frustrated when I find that my son has taken my work in progress off the needles to play with them. I think he would like  a pair of his own.

Coincidentally, at the same time I have been relearning how to knit, my son and I have been reading two children’s knitting books from the library together over and over again: Mr. Nick’s Knitting and Extra Yarn

And just a little toddler sized pillow and softie I whipped up for my son from a holey t-shirt a friend gave me (he fell in love with the rainbow tie-dye):

There’s already some holes breaking open on “Snakey” from so much love. I’ll have to perform a little reptilian repair on him soon.

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