Taking care of seedlings

Some notes on how I take care of my seedlings:

  • My grow lights are on about 12 hours a day, from about 7am to 7pm. I think anything in the 10-14 hour range works. They need a rest of at least 8 hours without grow lights on each day.
  • I water my seedlings when the tray is dry, but the soil in the cell packs is still moist (about every four days).
  • I put about a 1/2 inch of water in there at a time.
  • Before they are sprouting, I check on them and spray them with a water bottle almost every day.
  • I will rotate the trays every 2-3 days in some manner, by turning them, or switching places with another tray.
  • I use a diluted seaweed fertilizer to water them about 2 weeks after germination, and then about once a month thereafter.
  • I run my fingers across the tops of the seedlings when I check on them. This is supposed to help create more sturdy stems. Last year I tried running a fan in there, but it didn’t work so well because I forgot to turn it on or off often. I am going to try to set one up on a timer this year.
  • The basement room where my seedlings are is around 64-68 degrees.
  • I use an emergency blanket hung over the grow light to help maximize light to all the plants.

Any questions?

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