Weekend gardening

It reached temperatures in the 70s over the weekend here. While it was a lot of fun to spend the entire weekend outdoors, this weather is still very frustrating.

I keep feeling like I’m so far behind, because its so warm and I don’t have my peas or onions planted yet. But then I look at the calendar and realize that I am not anywhere behind at all. Its hard to keep reminding myself to be patient and keep to my regular planting schedule.

After all, it snowed at my house on Monday morning.

But back to the weekend’s happenings:

I got the chance to sow a few lettuce and spinach seeds directly outside on Saturday. I covered them with some netting scraps to keep the cats from scratching up the newly dug earth for their toilet. I planted only romaine, because from what I have observed, Romaine holds up best in the heat. I took care of a neighbor’s garden for a week in the middle of summer last year and noticed how all his Romaine was doing well while my various lettuces were starting to bolt.

I’m hardening off my lettuce and spinach seedlings that I started inside in February. I accidentally left them outside overnight on Saturday, but it only got down to about 42, so no harm done. I’ll be able to plant those outside in a few days.

My husband helped loosen up the soil in a few of the beds and mix in some compost. He dug up the “rogue” garlic and we took it to a friends’ house for them to put in their new garden. He found a few stray onions and carrots that we missed harvesting last fall, but they were only fit for the compost pile.

My “real” garlic that I actually planted last fall is finally starting to show itself.

I attacked the compost pile again. It hadn’t reduced down in size as much as I thought it should. I figured I needed to turn it and get some more oxygen in there. But as I turned it, I found that part of the problem was probably that I had over-watered it when I built it up in the first place. Usually my problem is too little water, but things were definitely sopping wet in there this time. So right now the compost is sort of cut in half and spread out and drying out a little until I finish re-piling it.

I’ve got transplanting on my mind for later this week…

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