March sewing recap

There was one major sewing project that took most of my spare time in March. We (my mom and I) just barely got it done my the end of the month. It will soon be on its way across the ocean to a dear old family friend and her new baby.

The front is a simple stacked coins pattern. We didn’t actually use a pattern, just made up the measurements as we went along. I think it turned out to be roughly 45×60 inches, a typical crib quilt size.

We added some nine patch on the back to break it up a little bit. Those wavy lines make you go cross-eyed if you stare at them too long. I machine quilted it with a simple meandering line.

Other than this blanket, and the little ball to go with it, I managed to knit 2 1/2 washcloths. That’s the sum total of my sewing and crafting for the month. The only progress I made on cleaning out the sewing room was to sell off some of my little girl clothes.

I have many, many projects waiting to get done. Lots of them involve recycling things. I am hoping April will be a month to tackle making some kids’ clothes and a few utilitarian things for around the house.

Oh yeah, and I need to sell or donate a big pile of stuff that’s scattered all over the basement.

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  1. Aurora says:

    I love the quilt! I would love to have a try at quilting, I have a machine but have failed miserably at sewing in the past! The colours remind me of my childhood – slightly muted, almost sun faded brights. How summer used to look when I was small and days were balmy and endless!

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