Weekend gardening

I was a little bit stiff this morning.

We ended up doing a lot more yardwork this weekend that I had anticipated. It was supposed to be stormy all weekend, but that had pretty much all passed by Friday. What we ended up with was the perfect yardwork weather- 50s and 60s with mostly clear skies. The kind of temps where you can go out and dig for an hour and be neither chilly nor hot.

We borrowed a truck a got a load of mulch from the city’s green waste department and covered up the rest of the black weed cloth that had been sitting exposed since last fall. We still have to figure out how to finish the mulch around the north side of the raised beds to create a barrier between the mulch and the grass. It needs to be something we can mow next to easily, and at the same time not be a tripping hazard for kids and animals at play. I have no idea what to do.

Before the mulch:

And after adding mulch. Notice how the mulch awkwardly stops at the ends of the raised beds?

Here you can see the black weed cloth as it looked before Saturday:

Now the mulch covers all the black stuff up:

I also got around to cleaning out the hosta bed. The hosta bed is the southernmost bed that runs along the fence on the south side of our yard. It stays pretty well shaded all summer long. I’ll be separating and moving a bunch of the hostas in another week or two, once the green shoots come up and I know for sure where they all are. I’m giving a few away, and some will get moved further down towards the corner of the yard. I want to make room for some lettuce plants and for a small area where my son can dig in the dirt with his trucks. He has been using the raised beds to play in, but they are quickly filling up, so he’s almost out of spots that are OK for him to dig.


After: (we got some new wood to replace the rotting 2x4s)

I also worked on the strawberry patch on the north side of the house. This patch started on its own, from one single plant I found there when we moved in 4 years ago. I’ve just let the plant spread and grow on its own. Each year I have to clear away more sod as it spreads out. These plants produce large, beautiful fruit. I’m not sure which variety they are, but they are really happy there on the north side of the house. They aren’t completely shaded, because our house is slightly at an angle, but they don’t get a ton of sun.

There was a pile of sod on the side of the house that had been sitting for the last 3 years (on the upper right side of the photos) . We smoothed that out and created a  little hill to plant more of the expanding strawberry plants on as well. I’m not sure how we are going to get these watered, but I’d rather have strawberries growing there than just a pile of decomposing sod.

The other big project we worked on over the weekend was ripping out the last bit of sod in the park strip so we can put our final raised bed in there. I’m really excited to have this raised bed put in because its going to give me a little extra wiggle room for plant rotation. Its prime sunny real estate for my peppers and tomatoes. My husband already ran a drip line out here last summer, so keeping things watered won’t be an issue.

There’s some wooden stakes in there to show where the raised bed frame will go and where our yard meets out neighbor’s so we don’t rip out her grass, too. The raised bed should (hopefully) be done by next weekend. I’ll do a post about the whole process next week.

Did you have a productive weekend in your garden, or did bad weather keep you indoors?


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