More pantyhose in the garden

Since my blog seems to get the most hits because of my post on pantyhose here, I thought I’d add another useful post about a way you can recycle your old pantyhose in the garden.

This little trick solves the problem of how to keep soap handy for washing up outside without it getting lost or dropping in the dirt.

First, cut off a leg of an old pair of pantyhose.

Second, insert a bar of soap. (This is a great way to use up hotel soaps or those pesky slivers of soap collecting in the shower soapdish.)

Last, tie the top of the pantyhose to your water spigot.

Now notice the huge mess of ants right next to your feet.

Voila! Now you can wash your hands outside without the soap falling into the mud or “walking off” with a curious toddler.

I cannot take credit for this ingenious use of pantyhose. I learned this trick from a youth camp I went to as a teenager.

Any other ways you can think of to use old pantyhose in the garden? I think I have one more post-worthy idea, but I’ll have to wait until later in the summer to try it out…

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