Seedlings update

Mostly success, but a little bit of failure so far with my seedlings.

The spinach, lettuce, broccoli, and kale that were transplanted outside about 3 weeks ago all seem to have adjusted and have new growth on them, though they are pretty small still. (below: bloomsdale spinach on left, correnta on right)

On Friday the 13th of this month I transplanted most of my tomatoes and peppers into larger containers. My son was a good helper again. He was the official scooper of the potting soil.

I have over 60 tomato and 60 pepper plants now, and I only need about 32 tomatoes and about 45 pepper plants. I am trying to think of a way to sell them to recoup a bit of the money I have spent on seeds and potting soil so far this year. I don’t have enough plants to justify setting up a table at the farmer’s market, so I might just try sending an email to local friends and neighbors to see if anyone is interested. I don’t want to lose my nice square plastic pots, either, so I’m saving up yogurt and sour cream tubs so I can transfer the plants I am selling into tubs I don’t care if I get back or not.

Two weeks after transplanting, and the peppers and tomatoes have about doubled in size (below).

Things are getting very crowded on the grow stand. All three shelves are in use. There is very little extra space, and I am going to start my squash and cucumbers this week, and I need to move my early tomatoes to half gallon containers. They are over a foot tall in their current containers.

On Monday I did a major assessment and reshuffling of plants to get similar sized plants next to each other under the lights. The basil was getting pretty tall and leggy, so I took a harvesting of it to encourage the plants to grow bushier.

The big failure I have had with my seedlings so far is with the pansies. They were doing very well, so I moved them to the garage window to start hardening them off. The hot temperatures over the weekend fried them. I think about 5 out of 24 survived. This is not the first time I have killed plants when I am trying to harden them off. You really have to stay on top of watering and moving them in and out of protection, and I just forget sometimes.


Oh well. I’ll probably try to start some more from seed soon, maybe just directly outside in the flower bed. Pansies seem do really well here, so I can probably still get them going by mid-summer.

Have a great weekend!


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