What’s growing

Just a quick update of what is growing and being harvested in my garden this week.

The peas and strawberries are newest additions to our dinner table. Actually, neither of them has made it all the way to the dinner table yet, because they get gobbled up as soon as we pick them.

(The strawberry leaves are looking pretty pale in this patch. I killed a bunch of my plants off last year with putting compost on it that was “too hot”. I need to figure out what is lacking in the soil here that will get these strawberries lush and green again.)

The young peas:

The first mature peas are the Dakota variety that are a a shelling pea. (The peas are sweet, but the pods/shells are not tasty.)

The kale, spinach, green onions, and lettuce are growing strong, and we continue to eat them almost daily. The spinach has been hit pretty hard by the leaf miners, so we’ve only gotten to eat about 50% of what has grown this year. The Correnta variety of spinach is being slower to bolt and possibly a little more resistant to the leaf miner attack, so next year I plan to plant more Correnta than Bloomsdale.

A little bit of the lettuce is starting to bolt and turn bitter, so we’ve been offering heads of lettuce to anyone who stops by. I am trying to figure out where I can plant some lettuce for a middle of the summer harvest.

The broccoli is doing well. One head is about 5 inches across, the rest are more like 2-3 inches. I think we will harvest that first head this weekend.

Here’s a 3 picture progression of the exponential broccoli growth in the last couple of weeks.

The garlic scapes are ready to harvest.

I planted out my basil, cucumbers, and squashes finally this week. We had a night in the lower 30s over the weekend and I was still too chicken to plant them out until this week.

There’s a couple little peppers and tomatoes starting to form. I try to get my first tomato about the 4th of July. Most folks around here don’t get tomatoes until August.

Hope you enjoyed my garden update. What’s new in your harvest basket this week?

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  1. elvi miller says:

    I learned a trick for some of these pesky bugs! I put a roll from “like” a paper towel around broccoli and cauli..i say like because it depends how big your stem is, you may have to improvise. I also use dried, somewhat crushed egg shells around the stem, and around any other leafy veggies. Wormy creepy crawlers can’t stand the egg shells and either cut themselves or don’t attempt. I also sprinkle with a salt water solution.

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