Free strawberries

I have a strawberry patch on the north side of my house that is producing the largest, most wonderful looking fruit.

The best part? It didn’t cost me a cent. This strawberry patch started all on its own.

When I was walking around this house the first week or two after we bought it, I noticed a lone strawberry plant growing on the north side of the house. I asked the neighbor that used to take care of the yard before we bought it, and he didn’t plant it, nor did he have any idea how it got there.

So I watered it and let it do its thing, and the next year it produced the biggest, tastiest strawberries.

It sent out runners, and spread into the grass during our third summer here. It was becoming a problem for mowing, so I did a big overhaul in the patch. Really early last spring, I dug up almost every plant in the patch, and pulled out all the grass and weeds, and then replanted everything with even spacing. I also spread some compost. The shock of all this to the plants meant that I only got a few strawberries last year.

But this year the strawberries are very happy. Although the grass is encroaching again and I have some work to do, these plants are loaded with tons of large berries.

March 16

March 27

April 16

May 6

May 9

May 21

June 15

I would have never thought to plant strawberries on the north side of house, but it works. The strawberries really thrive there. We plan to remove all the sod on the north side of the house in the next year or two. and turn the area into a really large strawberry patch (enough to be able to make jam from), with a walking path to get to the backyard. So I’m letting the plants spread as they want to, and doing my best to keep them weeded and watered, and enjoying my free strawberries.

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