A very hungry caterpillar (or slug)

When I was harvesting strawberries Sunday evening, I came across a few that looked right out of the pages of Eric Carle’s “very Hungry Caterpillar” book, like this one below:

This was my first major haul of strawberries this year. It turned out to be 2 lbs of berries. They are so beautiful!

They are also extremely fragile. The berries in the bottom of this bowl were already getting bruised/squished just from the weight of the berries sitting on top for a few minutes before I washed and froze them.

I am going to try to get enough to make a batch of jam, which I will horde all for myself. Everyone else can have the apricot pineapple jam.

Here’s a tip for taking out strawberry stems I heard on the radio the other day, and it really works: Use a regular drinking straw and jab it in the bottom of the berry and push up. The stem and core come out nice and neat. I think it might waste less of the berry flesh than trying to take out stems with a knife. Super easy, super fast. I did all those strawberries in just a few minutes. Even better, a kid could easily do this, without the danger of having to use a knife.

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2 Responses to A very hungry caterpillar (or slug)

  1. EmilyCC says:

    Oh, I can’t wait to try the strawberry stem removal method!

    • Susan says:

      You should try it. Its fun, and I can say with certainty now that its easy enough that a 2 year old can do it. My son tried it out yesterday. He had a little difficulty with aim, but it was worth sacrificing a few berries for him to learn. I found a local u-pick place yesterday and now have 3 gallon bags of strawberries in my freezer for very little effort.

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