Green beans

The green beans are all producing now. The purple were the first to mature, but all 3 bush varieties and the pole beans all have beans on them now.

I have been picking, blanching, and freezing every couple of days. I have 6 gallon size bags in my freezer so far (around 15 pounds of beans) besides what we are picking to eat right away.

The grasshoppers are getting big, and I can definitely see damage on the bean leaves from them. I killed at least 6 last night as I picked, and hopefully lethally damaged a few more with my shoes. The first year I tried to grow beans I got about one dinner’s worth of beans before the grasshoppers moved in and ate all the blossoms so I didn’t get anything else, even though the plants themselves were still fine. I don’t show much mercy for the grasshoppers now.

This guy got smashed between my sandals shortly after taking this picture…

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