Harvesting and preserving

Any spare time around here has been filled with harvesting and preserving. The freezer and the pantry shelves are quickly filling up with all sorts of goodies.

Blackberries from a local u-pick farm became syrup and jam:

Apricots got picked and turned into apricot-pineapple jam:

Onions got harvested and stored: (sorry no pictures)

Basil got “mowed” and pesto got made and frozen:

Green beans got picked, blanched and frozen:

Carrots and potatoes are getting dug up and used:

Bell peppers are getting chopped and frozen: (sorry no photos)

Finally, the tomatoes are just starting to ripen in big enough quantities to start making sauce (thank goodness), which is an important staple in our pizza-every-Friday-night ritual.

Its amazing how long it takes to harvest, and then to can, dry, freeze, etc on top of that. I know I will appreciate the effort in a few months when everything is dead and the ground is frozen, but right now its a bit overwhelming.

Just in the last few days I’ve felt this extra surge of urgency to get as much preserving done as I can. Even though its still warm enough to wear shorts, there are subtle signs of changing weather ahead- a few extra dead leaves on the ground, grasshoppers mating, the lawn coming out of its summer dormancy and greening up again, to name a few. The days are getting a little shorter and the temps are dropping down at night a few degrees. Fall (or rather “fall-like weather”) is just around the corner. Very soon we will be watching the weather forecast daily to monitor for the first frosts and any major freezes. Its definitely time to put away the harvest as fast as we can.

What are you “putting up” right now from your garden?


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3 Responses to Harvesting and preserving

  1. What a lot of work you have done! You will appreciate not having to buy those items from a store later on. You can just pop them out of your freezer or pantry while others are worrying about whether their food was grown properly or how much it costs.

    I have a whole bunch of peppers I am freezing today. I have never had so many peppers so early. I think it was all the peat moss I mulched with.

    Well, I am off to do just that.


  2. Helen says:

    You have harvested so much! Well done! I didn’t manage to get anything from my allotment this year, but have forraged some plums and made plum jab, also blackberries for jam but they didn’t make it that far, they got eated with yogurt and made into crumble!

  3. Annie says:

    It all looks wonderful, especially those delicious berries. I’ve just planted som snow peas and som lettuce, ready for a spring harvest.

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