Fall projects

With the weather cooling off a bit (down to 39 at night a few times this week), working outside is once more enjoyable. In between harvesting and canning, we are managing to squeeze in a few projects around the house and yard.

First, over Labor Day weekend, my husband and our neighbor worked together to fix a portion of our back fence that had been leaning for over a year and was about to fall over. Our neighbor had really nice redwood 4x4s leftover from dismantling an old swing-set, and we reused as many fence slats as possible, so in the end we only had to purchase cement, nails,  a few 2x4s for the “stringers”, and a few fence slats.

As a bonus, we were the only ones interested in keeping the leftover pieces of old fencing, so we have a good pile of wood to use for building the 3 bin composter I have wanted for several years.

The most recent project we have been working on is resurfacing our driveway. It was badly pitted when we moved in, and it had gotten so bad that shoveling snow was becoming difficult with such an uneven surface. It was also looking downright ugly.

Our neighbor had applied some cement patch to his similarly pitted driveway about 10 years ago, and its still in good shape, so we thought it was worth the gamble of $150 in cement patch to possibly extend the life of our driveway another 5-10 years.

We were able to borrow a pressure washer from a neighbor, a cement edging tool from another neighbor, and a drill and paddle for mixing from a friend, so the cement patch product was the only thing we had to purchase to complete this project.

Even though our driveway is pretty small, it took us 2 weeks to complete, with waiting for each panel to cure, having to arrange childcare, and also trying to get batches of pizza sauce canned as tomatoes ripened.

Here’s an example of what it looked like side by side, as the panel on the left was drying:

Sure there’s some uneven places, and a few cat prints here and there (we are far from professionals), but overall we feel like we will be way better off with this new surface than the pitted one.

I can’t tell you how good it feels to get a few of these projects finally done.  But as soon as one task is completed it feels like two more have been added to the list. I hope to at least get the compost bins built before the leaves fall off the trees.

What projects are on your to-do list this fall before the cold sets in?

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  1. Annie says:

    Get busy with the compost bins and get those leaves in it. I love that time of year foe feeding my bins. Such great stuff!

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