I got busy and cleared the area where the new 3-bin composter will go. It took a lot of work to move the current piles aside. I didn’t realize how much stuff was piled there, but now that I have moved every square inch of it, I know. The pile of dark, finished compost on the left is really beautiful, as far as compost goes. Its probably my best batch of compost ever. Here’s what the space looks like now:

I have a plan as to how I am going to be able to build the whole unit using only the leftover scraps of fencing. The only thing I will have to buy are some wood screws. Each bin will be approximately 4x4x4 feet.

The next step is to mark out where the main posts will go and dig some holes. I want to sink the posts a bit to help keep the walls from tilting/leaning over time.  Luckily I am borrowing a post hole digger from a friend to make this job a lot quicker.

What new projects are you starting on these days?

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