Pantry update

Here’s the current list of what I’ve preserved from this year’s harvest:

Blackberry syrup- 2 1/2 pints

Blackberry jam- 3 pints

Apricot pineapple jam- 9 pints

Canned peaches- 26 quarts

Frozen green beans- 8 1/2 gallon size bags

Frozen peppers- 4 1/2  gallon size bags

Canned pizza sauce- 45 pints, 6 quarts

Frozen pesto- 1 ice cube tray’s worth

Frozen basil in oil-1 ice cube tray’s worth

Garlic-a couple dozen heads still left

Onions- at least 50 left

Frozen strawberries- still waiting for a free moment to make some jam

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2 Responses to Pantry update

  1. You are hopping right along here, Susan, with both your projects and your posts. I am so busy with work-related things this week that my quilting and blogging are suffering. Maybe next week will be better.

  2. elvi miller says:

    I haven’t gotten far enough in your posts, but where are you from Susan? We are in NW Michigan. If you are close, drop me a line. We pick blueberries on state land every summer that is free and untreated. We can show you where it is.

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