You have to wait a long, long, time, almost until the very last minute of the growing season  where I live, to get peppers that aren’t just green. I started these pepper plants from seed back in March. Seven months of watering and waiting…

But it was totally worth it.

Take a look at this pepper plant bursting with small “snack” size peppers:

And some large orange bell peppers:

The light yellow, almost white peppers  below are called creme brulee, and if you let them sit on the plant long enough, they turn a lovely creamy red color:

So I had a little fun with some of the peppers after I picked them, a little “photo shoot”:



Eventually I did cut them up for freezing:

This will make me smile every time I open the freezer this winter:

Are you patient enough to wait for peppers to turn colors, or do you just pick them green?

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  1. elvi miller says:

    We had a very big garden last year 120′ x 120′ so i had 2 large rows of peppers. We picked them green, yellow, purple and every color in between! This year however, we are on a much smaller piece of property. But where there’s a will, there’s a way! I’m hoping for a few pepper plants, at least. Why do you freeze peppers? Don’t they get soggy? What do you use them in? We mostly use ours for salsa, fresh eating, and stuffing.

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