Bunches of basil

Last week when I saw this post over at SouleMama about getting their first frost, it reminded me that last year I let my basil get killed by frost instead of being proactive about harvesting and freezing it. So I gave my basil patch a serious haircut last Friday.


And after:

Maybe it doesn’t look really different in these photos, but I harvested three large piles, enough to fill three grocery sacks (before ripping the leaves from the stems).

I made pesto with Parmesan, pesto without Parmesan, and plain basil in olive oil. Some of it was made into ice cub sized portions, and some was just dolloped out onto plastic wrap and frozen in blobs because I didn’t have enough ice cube trays.

I have never ever had such a gangbuster crop of basil before, and I have never successfully harvested it in bunches and made pesto to freeze before. I have no idea how much we will eat over the winter. I might need to plant even more next year if we get too used to eating it often. Or maybe most of it will sit in my freezer and get freezer burn and then have to get tossed in the spring. (But probably not.)

So there’s still a decent amount left outside, for fresh eating. We are watching the weather for temps in the 30s so that we can harvest the rest in time. (Fingers crossed.)

Have you had your first frost yet?

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