With only four pears on my pear tree this year, I had to look elsewhere for pears for canning.

One of our four pears this year

I spied a house in my neighborhood with a loaded pear tree with branches literally drooping to the ground with fruit. One day about two weeks ago, I saw a man outside in the yard so I stopped and asked if they would have any extra fruit they didn’t want next year. He said I could have it all. Best of all, they hadn’t done any spraying so I didn’t have to worry about chemicals on the fruit.

I took a few pears home with me to test, and they were too hard and too green. It took about a week before they were ripe enough. So on Tuesday I went over with my bike trailer and a bunch of bags and boxes and removed all the pears that I could reach.

I canned 6 quarts on Tuesday, and now I’m waiting a few days for more of them to get yellow and ready for canning. I should be easily able to get 2 dozen quarts from the amount of fruit I picked.

I don't normally store pears on the windowsill, but I liked the sunlight shining though the fruit for taking a picture.

I love eating canned pears. Last year I only got enough pears to can about a dozen quarts, and I rationed them out to use as baby food for my daughter. (Each time I fed her I secretly hoped she wouldn’t eat them all so I could finish off the leftovers.)

No rationing for me this year. I will be able to eat as much as I want!

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2 Responses to Pears

  1. Your goodness was rewarded, Susan, because you asked for the pears rather than grabbing some. I wish more people were like you.

  2. elvi miller says:

    I find that people, in general, are very kind when given the opportunity to. We have had many great rewards here as well. A couple years ago a framer let us pick carrots, we used them for animal feed, we canned, froze and dried. Last year that same farmer gave us bags and bags of onions. For whatever reason, i can not grow carrots or onions, no matter what soil I try! This year I gave the farmer lots of watermelons from our garden, well I actually just “left” them in his truck. The previous year he would not take anything. Been enjoying your blog!

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