Crunch time

I didn’t have a chance to post at all last week because it was “crunch time” in the garden. Earlier in the week we were having beautiful weather in the 70s during the day and 40s at night. Later in the week it dropped down to the 50s in the daytime and 20s at night. Luckily we knew about the abrupt change in weather ahead of time, so I spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday picking beans, tomatoes, peppers, basil, and squash.

The second half of the week was spent dealing with the produce, and also beginning to deal with the aftermath of frozen, dying plants left strewn across the garden beds. There’s still a ton of work to do, but its nice to have cool weather when you are doing heavy labor like hauling loads of dead plant material, moving loads of compost, or digging and turning over the soil in raised beds.

I have only a few pictures of the harvest process  to share because I was working so quickly that I couldn’t stop and take more.

Harvesting the last of the bush beans:

Harvesting the tomatoes:

I was surprised by how much produce I ended up with. I had boxes stacked all over my house and garage Wednesday night. Not pictured below are the basil or the green beans, but you can at least get an idea of the amount of food I brought in.

First, the hot peppers:

The bell peppers, and some of the tomatoes. Also, some little pumpkins in the bottom right:

More tomatoes, and a pumpkin and zucchini:

More tomatoes:

Still more tomatoes:

A few more pumpkins, some onions that I forgot to harvest because they were covered up by tomatoes, and the few golden delicious apples from our tree:

I think I picked over 200 lbs of tomatoes and around 50 lbs of peppers. After picking the basil leaves off of the plants, I had at least 3 gallon size ziplocs full to the brim.

I’m still working my way through the harvested food to utilize as much as I can before it starts rotting. I am also slowly working my way around the yard putting the garden “to bed” for the winter.

Have you put your garden to bed yet, or are you still growing and harvesting?

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3 Responses to Crunch time

  1. dcb says:

    i hope my garden never sees these pictures or it will have a serious inferiority complex. congratulations on a great harvest!

    • Susan says:

      I only wish I could give you guys some surplus. My freezer is totally full and I have boxes of tomatoes still. I took out the ice cube bin and turned off the icemaker to get a little more space. Time to get a bigger freezer, I suppose…

      Your garden was great this year, by they way. Every year its getting better and you learn a little bit more.

      I thought we were done adding raised beds, but we are already talking about adding some more in the northeast corner of our yard next year. How about you? Going to add any more beds for next year?

      • dcb says:

        we’re not talking about it at the moment, but by next March we’ll probably be anxious to go out and get our hands dirty again. for the moment, i think we have enough to maintain without adding to the yard. i am considering putting some sort of brick/pavers/stone between the beds so i don’t have to mow those alleys, but that will wait for next year anyway.

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