I wanted to tell you about a sweet little bartering deal I made last week.

The day I made my big harvest of produce last week, I happened to get an email from my friend who is the manager of a local coffee shop. She was looking for some local tomatoes for their deli, which have been very hard to come by this year. So last Thursday I took in some tomatoes, and bell peppers too, to trade for coffee. (Not just any coffee, but “triple certified” fancy-schmancy coffee. made from free range coffee plants. that are fed organic water. by overpaid union rainforest creatures.) She gave me over $50 in store credit for what I brought in. We don’t drink that much coffee, so this credit will cover most of our coffee needs for the next year.

I was able to get rid of excess produce right when I needed to most, help a friend when she needed it, and get free coffee in exchange. Major win-win all around.

Thanks Michelle!


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