I woke up this morning to an inch thick blanket of snow covering my yard. (Forgive these less than stellar pictures. They were taken from the porch in pj’s when it was still dark outside.)

It’s pretty normal to get a little snow around Halloween time, but this much at once, and to have it stick to the ground, even on the sidewalk a bit, is a little unusual.

It’s still snowing right now as I write this. It’s beautiful to watch, but it also brings a long To Do list to the front of my mind. (For example, see those hoses still sitting out on the sidewalk?) There’s a whole lot of work left to do to get the yard ready for winter. This is a wake-up call for me to hurry and get the yard winterized. This snow will melt off quickly and we will have a few more weeks before the ground really freezes and the heavier snowfalls start.

I’ll get started as soon as things melt off. But first we have go out and make our first snowman. (I do have priorities!)

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  1. We had snow and a tornado in Northern California yesterday. Fortunately, there was little damage. The water will be much appreciated next spring.

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