It’s here

The snow is here (again), I don’t think we’ll get back up to nice 60 degree days after this storm. I think its supposed to get down to 11 degrees tonight.

I’m the last one in the family to catch this nasty virus that my husband brought home from work last week. So today I am curling up in a blanket and watching the snow fall while sipping tea and being jumped on by my two kids. I tried to get all of my flower bulbs planted yesterday, but my energy plummeted as the sickness set in and I didn’t get the last couple dozen in the ground. Oh well. I hope my mom got the ones I gave her planted yesterday in time.

I still have lettuce, kale and spinach growing in the backyard, which I will try to get covered up before the temps dip tonight. I use the term growing lightly here because the plants are alive and healthy, but they aren’t really growing much at this point. Basically, mother nature is my overflow refrigerator for my greens. Same goes for the carrots still in the ground back there. We try to eat a couple a day, but I’ll have to harvest the rest before the ground freezes solid (I use Thanksgiving as my general cutoff to bring them inside.)

Carrots above, greens below.

Speaking of carrots, I pulled out a couple mega yellow ones when I was making room to plant garlic. This one weighed 1 lb, 4 ounces. I need to get a digital kitchen scale really bad (hint, hint Santa!) so I can get accurate measurements of my harvests.

The snowy weather might just be enough boost to get me to call the fireplace guy and finally order the wood burning insert we’ve been wanting ever since we’ve moved in to this house. We’ve dragged our feet on getting an insert because its mostly a want, and not so much a need. Sure, it’ll pay for itself eventually (probably in a mere 20 years), but its not a necessity. Its the kind of splurge that a virus induced foggy head makes seem like totally logical and necessary expense when its snowing outside.

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