When its snowing outside, there’s nothing like sitting next to a warm, cozy fire while you watch the flakes fall. Our new fireplace was ordered and installed, and we’ve been breaking it in and learning a thing or two over the past 2 months.

We’ve had some problems due to the chimney on our house being abnormally short. It makes the draft weaker, and we had to use an offset box to match the firebox up with the flue, which also make the draft weaker. We are still trying to figure out how to eliminate the need for the offset box, but I’m not sure when or if that will happen. In the meantime, we are learning how to use the fireplace to heat the house without making it smell like a campground.

We’ve gotten about 6 inches of snow since yesterday evening, and its still drifting down. Today I’ll have a fire going all day long. There’s not much firewood left in our pile. I wish that I had taken pictures before the snow had covered it, but my husband built a small wood shed to stack what wood we had, utilizing more of those leftover fence slats plus 2 old pallets.

He joined the 2 pallets together to form a base, and then built a small angled roof about 6 feet overhead. It held all the wood we already had lying around the backyard nicely. The wood we’ve been burning through this year is just a hodge-podge of trunks and branches from various trees and shrubs we’ve ripped out of our yard over the past several years, plus the remaining fence slats that were too shabby to be used for building something. We only split the logs a few weeks before the fireplace was installed, so it wasn’t properly seasoned, but it still was burnable.

We estimate that if we were building fires daily as our main heating source, our little wood shed might hold enough wood to last us about a month. We’ve found a business that builds pallets and has a bin full of scraps we can buy pretty cheaply for firewood, but unfortunately we waited too long and now its covered with over a feet of snow. So I’m not totally sure how we’re going to get more wood for the rest of this winter.

Sorry I’ve been absent the past couple of months. The cold/flu I had lingered far longer than I expected, so by the time I was feeling better again, I was way behind on Christmas preparations. I’ll be posting much more regularly in the coming weeks. I’ve got several sewing projects to share with you, and then it won’t be too long until the seeds catalogs and the grow light table come out again.

Happy New Year!


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