New growth

I received a boxed kit for forcing Paperwhite bulbs (the blooms look like little white daffodils) in a gift exchange over the holidays. I have never grown bulbs indoors before, so I was really excited to get this gift (way better than the usual scented candle or mug and cocoa set that one usually gets at those sort of things).

Its been growing for about a week so far, and the kids and I love to see how much bigger it gets each day. Its hard to keep their curious hands from mauling the fragile shoots (notice the red and blue striped arm hovering nearby in the picture above). It feels like it grows at least an inch every day.

The kit came with a wad of compressed coconut husk medium, which I just had to soak in water for a few minutes, and then partially bury the bulbs on top. I read online that most people use small stones or gravel in a clear jar, and place the bulbs on top of the gravel. That would be much better looking than the dark plastic pot/ recycled pie tin combo I have going on my kitchen table right now.

But I am happy to have something green growing in the house in the midst of all the snow outside. The anticipation of flowers is high. It gets discussed every time we sit down to a meal.

Do you grow bulbs indoors? What are your favorites?


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