Angry birds

For my mother’s birthday in December I whipped up a little Angry Birds-type game. My mom and my son like to play Angry Birds together on her Ipad, and my son has been trying to learn how to throw and play catch, so I combined the two ideas and this was the result:

Three soft balls that can be thrown to play a 3D version of Angry Birds. We used some leftover plastic green eggs from Easter as our green pigs because I ran out of time to sew some.

To play our version of Angry Birds, we stacked kids building blocks into various tower formations and placed the green Easter eggs throughout. Players stood in a designated spot across the room and threw the Angry Birds balls at the tower until they were able to knock all of the green pigs to the ground. Because we were playing with kids 3 and under, we didn’t keep score, and only loosely enforced turn taking. You could easily create a more competitive version for older kids/adults if you wanted to.

I really liked this gift because it gave my mom and my son something they could do together, it gave us entertainment for the evening, and it was a completely free/recycled present.

I made the red ball part of the birds using the six sided ball pattern from London Mummy’s blog and my sister’s old red sweatshirt. Once the balls were sewn and stuffed, I cut out the eye and beak shapes freehand from scrap pieces of craft felt. (I Googled images of Angry Birds to use as a reference.) I hand-stitched on the pieces of felt and I was done. I love that both the fleece and the felt don’t fray, so I didn’t have to mess with iron on interfacing. I just cut and sewed and was done.

The six sided ball pattern I mentioned above is one of my favorite patterns. I have made tons of them as baby/kid gifts. I even have a new “literary” version I made for my nieces that I’ll share with you later this week.


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  1. Quiltedtime says:

    Really cute idea. Just remind me to stay clear of your mother when she is throwing those birds about :-).

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