Potato fail

I lost my potatoes. About 50 lbs of them. Major food storage fail.

They were being stored in our garage, as usual, but an extended period of super cold temperatures this January did them in. They froze solid, then thawed out and turned to mush.

R.I.P. Red Pontiacs:

R.I.P. Yukon Golds:

I know some of those potatoes look OK, but trust me, its a total squishfest in there. And you know how some them look “wet”? That’s rotteny goo, not sparkling mountain spring water. They should be bone dry right now.

It hasn’t been a problem to store them in the garage for the past 3 years. The garage walls are insulated and it doesn’t usually freeze hard in there. However, we should have taken extra precautions with so many days in the single digits and nights below zero, but we didn’t. We were lazy. So no more potatoes for us.

We have a few ideas to prevent this from happening in the future:

1) Blow insulation in the attic above the garage (currently there is none, although the garage walls have insulation, oddly enough).

2) Store the potatoes against the wall of the garage that is shared with the house instead of just anywhere they’ll fit.

3) Stop being too lazy to bring the potatoes inside and put them in the basement if super cold weather happens again.

Have you had any food storage problems with your garden produce this winter?



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