Weekend projects

I accomplished 3 important tasks this weekend, all in the span of 40 minutes.

I defrosted my chest freezer, inventoried the contents of the freezer, and set up the seed starting grow light stand.

This is how it worked:

I put a huge pot of water on the stove to boil. While it heated, I unplugged the freezer and took out the contents of the freezer and put it into boxes in the garage. (The garage was cold enough that I didn’t have to worry about anything defrosting.)

When I was done unloading, I put a piece of wood down in the bottom of the freezer and put the pot full of boiling water in there and closed the lid.

While the hot water worked its steamy magic, I got my husband to help me put together the grow light stand. By the time the last screw was tightened, the ice had fallen off the sides of the chest freezer. I just had to wipe it out, and then make a quick list of the contents while I put the items back inside.

Done. Done. and Done.

Now I have a list of what I need to eat up from last 2012’s garden, at the same time I am preparing to start 2013’s garden.

Have you been thinking about your garden for this year? Have you already started planting anything yet?


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