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I’m behind in my posts here because we’ve had a string of illnesses and spring break vacation keeping us busy the past several weeks. Here’s a quick catch-up about how things are growing/going around here.

We had our first daffodil bloom this week.


I planted most of the peas and onions out.

onion starts

I didn’t take many pictures, because I was trying really hard to get as much done as possible while the kids were sleeping or being taken care of by Mr. Dig. If you want to see more about onions and peas, last year I talked about planting onions here and here. I show what pea planting looks like here.

Planting onions and peas also means means I’ve finally committed to this year’s garden layout. Its always a tough decision, figuring out how to best rotate crops among my raised beds, when over 50% of what I grow is in the same family (tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes- I love those nightshades!). Here’s a sketch of what things will look like this year:

garden layout 2013

The grow light stand is brimming with plants. I transplanted my tomato seedlings into separate containers just yesterday. I had really good germination rates and I have too many tomato starts. Hopefully I will be able to sell my extras to friends and neighbors this year.

grow light stand

The peppers have been germinating so slowly. The purple bell peppers are by far the slowest. They are just barely emerging now, while others have been up for weeks.

slow bell peper germination

I’m happy that all of the herbs have survived thus far-sage, oregano, rosemary, lavender, thyme, lemon balm, chamomile, mint are all alive and happy under the grow lights.


That flat on the right is all basil, doing really, really well and just about ready for the first harvest. I have an entire second flat of basil, all planted in recycled yogurt cups, that I plan to sell.

And finally, this year’s first load of firewood is piled in the driveway. Some of it came from a neighbor’s tree, and some came from the city landfill. It seemed a little silly to be thinking of firewood over the weekend with 60 degree temperatures, but this morning it doesn’t seem silly at all. We’ve got an inch and a half of snow on the ground, and cold, blustery winds with temps below freezing. Brrrrr


I’ve got a cozy fire going, and tea is steeping as I write this. Its just another typical spring day here in Cache Valley.


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