Hello again

I haven’t written here in several months. Time and schedules got away from me, and the longer I stayed away from the space, the harder it was to come back. I have that problem where if I can’t do something exactly how I want, then I avoid doing it all together. I don’t have time to be as perfect with my writing and photographs as I would like, but I feel like I have so much I want to share that I have to just get started on something again.  So here I am, just jumping right back in and starting to write again, even if its not to the highest standard of blogging perfection.

I thought I would start by updating you with what’s been happening in the garden lately.

I’ve been doing final harvesting of many of my vegetable garden plants this week. We’ve had some nights in the 30s, but not a hard frost yet. Still, the cold is imminent, so I am pulling out plants and putting the garden to bed, little by little.

Already harvested: basil, peppers, squash, onions, garlic, dried beans

In progress: green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers

Yet to do: carrots, potatoes, apples, pears, other herbs, broccoli, kale.

After I harvest the food, my husband runs over the plants with the lawn mower to chop it into bits before transferring to the compost bin. This makes a HUGE difference in the time it takes for the plant matter to break down. I’ll be cleaning out the chicken coop this week as well, and adding the straw/poop mixture to the compost bin as well.

This is the time of year when I reflect on my garden success and failures, and try to jot down ideas for next year, before I forget them. I know that in February I will be scratching my head, wondering “Did I want to plant less or more tomatoes this year?” and “Which varieties of green beans did I like the best?” and the like. So anything I force myself to put into writing now will be a big help in 5 months. I just have to find the time to sit down and do it.

Time always seems to be the limiting factor in life, doesn’t it? I feel like I could always use a little more time. Time to garden, time to be present with my children, time to clean house, time to create, time to enjoy a cup of tea. As my children grow up little by little, I often say to myself “This will be easier next year. I’ll have more time when they’re out of this stage.” But I’m starting to learn that that never really happens. There is no such thing as more time, let alone enough time.

Before I digress any further, I’ll wrap up this post by saying thanks for taking the time to stop by today. I hope you had a lovely fall weekend.


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