Dreams of gardening

While I was asleep last night, my mind wandered into a neighbor’s backyard. This neighbor had already planted out his garden, and the squashes were so well established that they had huge pumpkins on them already. I was totally floored (this being only January, after all ) and it made me feel so behind, since I haven’t even started my first seed yet.

It was lot like the anxiety dreams people have where they are late for class, didn’t have their homework, or are otherwise unprepared. I have dreams all the time about being one class short of graduating college, but this is the first time I’ve had this type of dream applied to a garden setting.

So when I got up this morning I had this anxious/restless energy. It is almost the end of January. Seed starting time is just around the corner. I feel unprepared!

Have you started any seeds yet? Do you ever have anxiety dreams about gardening?


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One Response to Dreams of gardening

  1. Quiltedtime says:

    I am having the same kind of dreams. The trouble is that I have so many quilt-related commitments right now that I can’t even get to my garden. I believe there are so old tomato vines out there from last year. Not like me, but all years are not the same.

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