Update in the garden

Its that wonderfully overwhelming time of the gardening year where all of my hard work reaches its climax. The entire garden is bursting with produce each day now, which means that almost every day I am doing some form of picking and preserving.

This morning my son helped me pick green beans, and my daughter was my helper to wash them all.

washing green beans

I blanched and froze them for eating later this winter.

I feel like I’m keeping on top of my excess produce way better this year than I ever have before. I usually have a fair amount of stuff that is wasted before I can get to it- tomatoes rotting on the vine, green beans getting bumpy and inedible, and the like. But this year I’ve broken the task down into smaller chunks, just trying to do 1 thing a day, and its making all the difference.

Admittedly, I did 2 things today: the beans, and also a batch of basil. It was a particularly cool morning, and I woke up about an hour earlier than usual, so I had energy to tackle two projects.

The tomatoes have been soooo slow this year to ripen. I haven’t had enough to do a batch of anything yet. We’ve had a bit cooler summer than usual, but they are also getting crowded out and shaded by some sunflowers and squash plants I planted in between (probably a mistake!).

I have never been able to grow sunflowers successfully until this year, and wouldn’t you know I planted Mammoth sunflowers, some of which have grown 12 feet tall, almost above the roof of my house.


I love to see them, but its hard to walk down the pathway without getting dive bombed by a dozen bees. Actually, you have to crouch down to get around some of the huge heads flopping over.


They are beautiful, though.

Hope you are having a wonderful garden harvest right now too!




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  1. Kay says:

    Your mother took me round your garden while I was visiting her a couple weeks ago. I was very impressed with all of the abundance. Your cat came over for a little attention, so I petted him a bit. What a sweetie!

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