Sniffles and sewing

heavy rain

Its been raining here for the last four days. (That’s the empty potato bed getting pelted above). There’s not been much of a chance to play outside or work in the garden. Instead I’ve been doing art projects with the kids, baking, and selling some unwanted stuff. I’ve even shifted the piles around in my sewing room again to try to make it usable.

We are battling another round of colds right now, so there’s not going to be too much hope of doing anything too active for the next few days, even as the weather clears. To pass the time without sitting in front of a screen all day, I’ve started a new (to me) project. It’s actually a UFO from my aunt’s stash. I found it when I was shifting piles yesterday. I’m not sure if it was originally hers, or if she acquired it from someone else or a thrift store.  Here’s a sneak peak of what I worked on this morning:

amish trapunto UFO


I’ve never done trapunto work before. I only needed to fill in two of these flower motifs to match the others that had already been done, so I just looked at what the previous sewer had done and tried to imitate it. I actually had to go back and unstitch and take out some stuffing, because I filled the petal too full the first time and the fabric puckered badly.

The next step is to iron everything out, as it has been sitting folded up for an undetermined amount of time. I am actually looking forward to finishing this little project, because it will require some machine piecing and some hand quilting, and a little creativity and ingenuity to make it work. It’s also a small project, and I can break it down into small, manageable steps.

What crafty thing are you working on right now? Does the shift in weather to colder autumn days make you want to sit down and sew or knit something cozy?


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