Spiders and garlic

Yesterday was another day spent mostly indoors, so that everyone could rest and try to get healthy again. I baked bread, made a triple batch of granola, and cooked up a huge pot of black beans.

We did some crafting with the dry black beans as well. Lots of gluey fingers, lots of beans on the floor, but lots of fun.

black bean spider craft

black bean spider craft 2Spiders are definitely popular in our house right now. There may even be a spider costume in the works for Halloween this year.

Tuesday and Wednesday nights both brought frost with them. It wasn’t a hard killing freeze, but some of the plants are definitely worse off. For the next 5 days the weather looks good: 60’s in the daytime, 40’s at night. It’s time to think about planting the garlic, and getting produce harvested and preserved in one way or another so I can start ripping out plants and putting the raised beds “to bed”. My general rule of thumb has always been to plant garlic by Columbus Day. It’s a good way to remember to get that fall crop in before the ground gets too hard. Columbus Day is October 13th this year.

garlic for planting

I’ll be pulling out my garden maps for the last 3 years this weekend to look them over. In order to figure out where the garlic will go, I have to figure out where some of my space hogging crops are going to go first (like tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers). In some ways its hard to start planning next year’s garden, when I’m still winding down on this year’s garden. I’m ready for a break, ready for a change, ready for a new season. But at the same time, I have lots of ideas fresh in my mind. If I wait until January to plan, I will have forgotten so much.

I always make a list at this time of year, titled something like “Garden Wish List 2015″ or “Ideas for 2015 Garden”. I jot down whatever I can think of that I might want to change or improve upon in next years garden. Anything from “plant more green beans” to “add some sand to each raised bed” to “don’t grow so much kale please!”. It’s extremely valuable for me in the spring to have these notes. Otherwise, I would probably keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

Have you planted your garlic yet?


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