We harvested the rest of the Mammoth Sunflowers on Saturday.

7 sunflowers

Several of the flower heads were a foot in diameter. This one is my favorite:

mammoth sunflower head

I love these sunflowers, but they were really a mess to grow.

They started off all pretty and innocent like this:


Then the heads really got super big a heavy, so they started leaning and drooping under the weight. Pretty soon the path to the backyard was impassable.

sunflowers leaning

And then their dark side emerged, as they massacred poor unsuspecting tomato plants.

sunflower crime scene

My favorite sunflower head that we harvested is resting on my kitchen table as a centerpiece right now, and the rest are in the basement drying. The kids love to snitch a few seeds here and there to eat for a snack. I doubt they will last past Thanksgiving, and I don’t think the birds will get any of them this year. I might try soaking some in salt water and roasting them, but so far they are delicious raw.

I will definitely plant some sunflowers next year, but only with proper stakes to keep them up. Besides falling down and blocking the pathway, they also shaded the tomatoes too much. But this super sunny exposure on the south side of the garage seems to be the ideal spot in our yard for them to flourish.



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