Fall break

This will be my only post this week. We are enjoying our fall break, so I won’t be around a computer much. There’s been some harvesting, some preserving, and just enjoying the changes that take place here in the fall.

spider web

The spiders have been decorating for us.

jack be little pumpkins on vine

Jack Be Little pumpkins on the vine, right before I harvested them.

big pumpkins to harvest

Big carving pumpkins ready to be harvested (and some lettuce and peas on the side).

deer on the run

Deer running across my neighbor’s yard. (The next night they came back and nibbled off the tops of the peas in the previous photo, so no fall peas for us this year.)

tomato harvest

Tomatoes in various stage of ripeness, coming in to finish off and be cooked into something fabulous.

pepper harvest

A rainbow of peppers being harvested.

lots of hot peppers

Lots of cayenne peppers this year- over 40 from one plant!

chopping peppers

Chopping peppers, again.

Have a wonderful fall week!


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