Seeds started

Wednesday I mentioned that I had started my first seeds for 2015’s garden after cleaning out my utility room.  Do you want to know why I got so motivated to clean up that room in the first place?

A dream.

I dreamed that I peeked into my neighbor’s yard, and I saw that they already had their garden going. There were even peppers already forming on their pepper plants! When I woke up, I had this feeling of panic for being behind on my garden. Even though we were all sick, I cleaned the entire utility room so I would be able to start seeds.

The seeds I started so far are: onions, kale (3 types), lettuce, spinach, leeks, lettuce, corn salad, and basil. The basil can’t be planted out until May, but everything else could potentially get put out sometime in March. This is pretty early for starting seeds, but I want to start pushing the usual limits of the gardening season to get a longer harvest season.

I used my soil blocker and leftover soil mix from last year to plant the seeds. I think I might have enough soil mix leftover from last year to plant all of my seeds this year. Most of the soil blocks have 2 seeds in them. For most of the crops, I will thin them down to one plant, once they have germinated. But for the onions, I will let both of them grow and eventually plant them out with 2 onions growing next to each other

I tried this multi-plant method last year, and it worked just fine. It saves space under grow lights and it saves soil mix. I just need to make sure that there’s plenty of spacing when I plant them out.

Its been such a mild winter that January has felt a lot more like March. There’s hardly snow left on the ground and temperatures are in the 40s during the day. We could still get slammed with nasty weather and single digit temps, but the forecast for the next week shows no storms coming our way. any time soon. Its exciting to think about starting the growing season, but it doesn’t seem right yet. I worry about what will happen later. Will the summer be especially dry and brutal this year, or will the opposite extreme happen- a blizzard in May? Its all possible.

Have you started any seeds yet? Do you have “jealous gardener” dreams like I do?


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