February is the new March

Its 8 o’clock in the evening, and its still 46 degrees outside. What is going on here? This is spring break weather, not Groundhog Day weather.

Today my kids and I went hunting for signs of spring, something we don’t usually do until March, because the ground is usually frozen and/or covered in snow until about Easter.

We found:

  • The fruit trees are ready for pruning. They have buds forming.
  • The rhubarb that I thought I had killed is still alive and starting to grow.
  • My neighbor has green crocus shoots poking out of the ground.
  • My lawn is entirely free of snow.
  • We were comfortable wearing light jackets outside while we explored.

This is not normal for Cache Valley for February. This is weird. I’m not ready yet for spring. Six more weeks of winter for me, please!



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