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Today I am sharing another list of ways I saved money in the last week or two. When I stop and think about all of the ways we have been saving money, I realize how many little things I do each day add up over time. It makes me feel good and keeps me motivated to keep living frugally. I love to read how some of my fellow bloggers save money over at The Non-Consumer Advocate and Notes From the Frugal Trenches. Hopefully by sharing some of these ideas with you, you can get some inspiration too.

Here are some ways that I saved money recently:

  1. I remembered to return some socks I bought for my husband but he didn’t like back to the store to get my money back before time ran out.
  2. I rode my bike pulling the bike trailer to pick my son up from school when the weather was warm enough instead of taking the car. (We’ve had several days in the 60s already!)
  3. My children attended free storytime at the library with their friends.
  4. I remembered to bring my own 27 oz. mug to the ski resort to have it filled with root beer for $1,  for the kids as a special treat after skiing. (It might have been slightly cheaper to bring my own soda from home, but I’d rather not keep root beer on hand at home and have them ask for it all the time.)
  5. Instead of buying a used kid-sized table and chairs for my son to do his homework, I waited a bit and made do with having him sit on a small a side table pulled up to a taller coffee table. A few days later, I trash-picked a children’s folding chair just the right height (just a little bit faded).  I like that I can keep it stored away in the hall closet when not in use. It works perfectly pulled up to the coffee table, and it was free!
  6. We had homemade pizza for dinner last Friday and invited friends over.  We make the dough ourselves in the bread machine from bulk purchased ingredients. We topped the pizza with, home canned pizza sauce made entirely from our garden produce and herbs, as well as chopped frozen bell peppers, discount cheese purchased in bulk and frozen, and leftover frozen ham bits from a holiday ham. We also put together a fruit salad to go on the side. Dinner for eight, including homebrewed beer to drink, cost under $15. There was enough pizza leftover for a lunch or two as well.
  7. I sold an extra set of ski boots we didn’t need for $25. In order to get the right size skis and boots for my kids this winter, I had to buy several boot/ski combo sets (used, of course) to make the right size combinations we needed. Some items I will save for future seasons, but I ended up with 2 pairs of boots the same size, so I kept the nicer ones and sold the extra pair for slightly more than I paid for them.
  8. My husband brewed another batch of homebrew this weekend, which saves us at least 50% of the cost of buying equivalent quality beer from the store.
  9. I stayed out of stores as much as possible. Besides grocery shopping, I have avoided shopping in general lately. When I was stuck at home for most of January due to family illness, we had one of our lowest spending months ever. I’m trying to continue that trend this month as well. I’m also trying to eat up food from our freezer, anticipating the coming gardening season and the surplus I will want to freeze. Also, have you noticed how expensive meat has gotten? We are slowly working through our stock of meat that I buy at a discount right before the expiration date and then freeze right away. I haven’t found any great deals in a few months, except buying a ham and a turkey during the holidays. When I do come across a great deal, I want to have the room to stock up again.

How have you been saving money lately?

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